The Bhutan Middle Management Hotel Program (BMMHP) is glad to announce the engagement of Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs (PhD)

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The Bhutan Middle Management Hotel Program (BMMHP), is happy to announce the advent of Professor Daniel G. Fuchs, International Hospitality Expert, Consultant, as guest lecturer and travelling professor between thirteenth and 17th February, 2012.

The Bhutan Middle Management Hotel Program is a small device for fresh body of employees of the Bhutanese inn endeavor, in and across the state. This device is sponsored by utilizing Jacobs and Elysium Foundation from Switzerland and in partnership with the HWZ University of Applied Science Zurich, also truely classy in Switzerland and is less than the patronage of the Tourism Council of Bhutan. It deals the route to 30 in-service body of employees of the Bhutanese inn endeavor, freed from cost to the applicants. This device, albeit, is supplied at the Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH).

There are 30 participants from alternative hotels from Bhutan. Some are from 5 exhibits individual hotels and approximately a are from four-2 exhibits individual hotels. The participants are definite, no subject although have modifications in their functionality to be advised in the elegance. The backgrounds of these Middle-Management participants are truely from Housekeeping, Front Office, F&B and Accounting.

Dr. Fuchs will give lecture in Food and Beverage Management for per week, ranging from thirteenth -17th February 2012.

Professor Daniel G. Fuchs is terribly excited approximately his involvement with this very non-public device and he's saying: "To be definite for this differ of prestigious and artistic device is an honor. I sincerely think that here is firstclass technique to empower neighborhood managers to grow and extend which in turn facilitates the advancement of the state. This will at last one-of-a-kind cause the humans of Bhutan. Tourism treated and controlled the firstclass method is such an meaningful engine for build up, often whereas controlled in a sustainable method. To speak over with Bhutan has been a dream of mine for your time and I am assured my time in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon too might be thrilling and confidently rewarding for the participants of the device."

Dr. Urs Drsteler, Pro-Rector HWZ University of Applied Sciences for Business Administration Zrich, Switzerland is being quoted, that here is an artistic Approach to exercising Bhutanese Hotel Managers.

Dr. Urs Drsteler says:" Tourism is and may per opportunity more than doubtlessly continue to be a in point of assertion meaningful abroad forex dealer for Bhutans financial procedure. The extent of tourists travelling Bhutan is quite small, no subject has been growing over the prior few years. In spite of the alternative annual build up path in the world, the hotels and tourism supply beautiful long term profession possibilities for younger Bhutanese, corresponding to heads of meals and beverage, front desk, lodging, operational leadership, finance, leisure habitual, and many others. To shield the latest and future calls for in the four and 5 exhibits individual hotels, moreover to upgrade the leadership of circle of spouse and youngsters operated hotels, Bhutan calls for a new generation of particularly experienced neighborhood inn managers."

As a Swiss countrywide himself, Professor Daniel G. Fuchs is proud and venerated to were invited to glue this potent device and he's very grateful to the next humans, who do play an intellect-blowing position in this non-public device and serving to the Hotel and Tourism Industry of Bhutan, by utilizing educating Middle Management Staff of an lousy lot of Bhutanese Hotels and transferring this endeavor forward.

Ms. Marianne Frei, President of the Society Switzerland-Bhutan (SSB) / Lecturer, Counselor and Officer for Admissions, University of Teacher Education, Zurich, Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Urs Drsteler, Head of Faculty for Business Administration of HWZ University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland.

Mr. Dhurba Chhetri, Program Administrator for the Bhutan Middle Management Hotel Program at the Royal Institute for Tourism & Hospitality in Motithang, Thimphu.

As an incentive and recognition for the mammoth graduates, the Program too might be sending the 3 desirable participants to Switzerland or in one in the complete meaningful regional countries on an publicity day out in their valid locations.

Let us want, that future buddies of Bhutan may per opportunity more than doubtlessly want an gratifying come upon with one or any other graduate of the Bhutan Middle Management Hotel Program.

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